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Silver Cap


Product CodeSILPBMQD12
ManufacturerDepofarma S.p.A


Depodarma, an Italian Company with pharmaceutical origins dating back to 1929, has developed a unique multilayer technology which provides the ability to create devices in pure silver. Silver has a long established history of demonstrating antibacterial properties and is used in plasters and other topical applications available to consumers.

Silver Cap® is currently the only nipple cup on the market that uses 99.9% silver and has been independently tested to demonstrate its safety and efficacy when used in the treatment of injured breast tissues*. The use of pure silver is vital to ensure that the cups neither oxidise nor release any othermetal ions which would then either be absorbed by the body and / or cause an allergic reaction.

Its particular design allows a perfect fit to any breast shape, maintaining the optimum environment and low oxygen content which is key.

Treatment with Silver Cap ® has been shown to:

  • Keep Breast / Nipple Skin Healthy
  • Offer a Safe Treatment for Mums

Supplied in a small soft pouch, Silver Cap ® is handy and quick and easy to use: simply moisten both cups with breast milk and place directly over your nipples under your bra. No need for messy creams or any devices that need prior heating or freezing. When you have fed your baby, simply moisten again with breast milk and replace - it's simple but very effective. The cups do not require sterilising before use and may be rinsed with running tap water; no abrasive cloths or disinfectants are required, although neutral pH soaps can be used if necessary to remove any milk residues.

Although it is thin and light (each cup weighs 3 grams) , a set of Silver Cap ® will last you for many years.

* Clinical Testing was undertaken at the Clinic of Gynaecology & Obstetrics at the University of Sassari in Italy:
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Silver-Impregnated Medical Cap for Topical Treatment of Nipple Fissures of Breastfeeding Mothers.
Published in Breastfeeding Medicine, Volume 10, Number 5, 2015.

Silver Cap® is a Class IIA Medical Device CE 0546.
It has been verified and authorised by a notified competent authority in Italy.


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